Harness the power of blockchain at scale

Power your business with enterprise-grade scalable blockchain infrastructure.
We provide a developer-friendly API to quickly launch and scale Ethereum blockchain nodes.

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Built for the open financial economy

Launch enterprise blockchain networks in minutes.

We strip away the complexity and cost of managing enterprise blockchain nodes in-house. We make it simple.

Get ultra-fast, scalable and reliable access to the Ethereum Network.

Bitsimple's fully managed platform gives enterprises the simplest path to delivering web3 apps quickly. We help you scale automagically as you grow.

The complete toolkit for blockchain developers.

Whether you're building a blockchain wallet, marketplace or decentralized financial application, Bitsimple's well-crafted API's help you create the best possible product for your users. #BUIDL

Why Bitsimple?
Teams, developers and businesses use Bitsimple to deploy, manage and scale their web3 applications.
We maintain consistent availability with blazing, fast transaction speeds. Bottlenecks are a thing of the past.
Using cutting-edge layer 2 scaling solutions, our platform enables high throughput scalability for financial applications.
Third party security audits and reports will soon be public. We partner with multiple security partners to battle test our platform.
The Bitsimple Advantage
Experience true reliability and speed with Bitsimple.
Scalable, enterprise blockchain

infrastructure & API
  • ✔ Extremely fast TPS
  • ✔ Super scalable
  • ✔ Reduce engineering headcount
  • ✔ Integrate in a few minutes
  • ✔ Mainnet level security
  • ✔ Consistent availability
  • ✔ 24/7 immediate customer support
  • New developers get up and running fast
The Alternatives
Third party alternatives are not production-ready solutions.
  • 𐄂 Not production ready
  • 𐄂 Speed throttling
  • 𐄂 Significant integration downtime
  • 𐄂 Potential timeouts
  • 𐄂 Flawed architecture
  • 𐄂 Not scalable
  • 𐄂 Poor customer support
In-House Node Setup
Requires extensive engineering resources and maintenance.
  • 𐄂 Significant engineering costs
  • 𐄂 Recurring maintenance costs
  • 𐄂 Time consuming development
  • 𐄂 Constant firefighting
  • 𐄂 Potential security flaws
  • 𐄂 Not scalable
  • 𐄂 Not reliable
Our Team
We're a team of entrepreneurs & engineers from Silicon Valley and New York-based tech and finance companies. Our founding team is experienced with prior startup exits in the financial banking space.
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