A single API to launch blockchain infrastructure.

 Instantly deploy, manage, and scale high performance multi-blockchain networks

 Create blockchain wallets for your users

 Perform and monitor transactions

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There's a better way to deploy blockchain infrastructure

Technical teams and developers rely on Bitsimple to scale their blockchain applications to millions of users.

From DevOps to NoOps

Create powerful deployment pipelines and replace devops processes on technical teams. Keep your developer team focused on building application features.  


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Bitsimple helps technical teams and developers easily integrate blockchain infrastructure into their web and mobile applications using our API and backend.

Choose a blockchain protocol

Choose from TPS, storage, node architecture, and advanced configurations to match your app needs. 

Configure node settings

Deploy infrastructure!

Easily deploy blockchains to multiple global clouds and run builds in the isolation of Docker containers.

How Bitsimple Works

Deploy leading blockchains like Bitcoin, Lightning Network, EOS, Ethereum, Plasma and more.

Our mission is to radically simplify the blockchain developer experience.

We are blockchain infrastructure experts. Instantly deploy, manage and scale multi-blockchain infrastructure through an API and backend. 

Built on leading blockchain ecosystems.

Bitsimple supports leading public, private, and layer-2 blockchain technologies.  

A single, simplified workflow

Get all the tools you need to deploy and mange your network. Our simplified platform replaces your hosting infrastructure and guarantees consistent uptime.

New! Deploy faster blockchains with Layer-2 scalability

We come built-in with Lightning Network and Plasma. Leverage layer-2 technology to output blazing fast transaction speeds.


Private Blockchains

Securely launch personal nodes on private networks.

starting price / per node / month

Start or join private blockchain networks and easily invite others

Top-End Speeds

Unlimited Transactions

Infinite Collaborators

Priority Customer Support

Custom White-label experience


Custom teams can orchestrate complex networks across multiple datacenters around the globe. Leverage enterprise-grade security and monitoring along with premium support: Phone, email and private chat.


Larger Teams and Enterprise

Custom packages designed for the needs of your company.


Deploy your apps to global blockchain networks instantly.  Get in touch and we'll help you get started today.

Public Blockchains

Access to public Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, shared or personal nodes

Limited Speeds

Limited Transactions

Ideal For hobbyists/developers

Knowledgebase Access and chat support



Deploy public blockchain nodes fast.  Validate, monitor, stake and more.

free forever


One-click blockchain deployments

Easily one-click deploy blockchains to multiple global clouds and run builds in the isolation of Docker containers.

Made in San Francisco, California

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Public Blockchains

Private Blockchains

Layer-2 Technologies

Lightning Network

Plasma for Ethereum

Choose the network that fits your application.

Harness the power of blockchain at scale.